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Professional Performance and Suspension Parts and Installation

Car Worx of Pasadena, MD is the areas leading provider of aftermarket car performance and suspension installation, parts and accessories. Car enthusiasts who are looking to improve the suspension of any type of car or truck should utilize the experience and expertise of Car Worx.


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Eibach Suspension -reduce body roll, lower center of mass, shorter braking distance, more stable and controllable

Performance Suspension

Car enthusiasts who require more from their automobiles understand the advantages of performance suspension systems and components installed correctly in their cars and trucks. The advantages not only improve the performance and safety of the vehicle but also give the vehicle a intimidating look. Car Worx qualified technicians can give you the advice and service necessary to meet your performance driving needs.

Stock chassis are built to limit the cost of the manufacturer and increase profit of each automobile sold. Installing aftermarket suspension components can correct the deficiencies in the handling, safety and visual appeal of any automobile. These upgrades are not just for cars involved in racing, suspension upgrades can keep your family car safer on the road. Car Worx performance suspensions can greatly reduce breaking distances and increase control during the toughest driving situations. The increased safety and response of your vehicle will make you a more confident driver.

Custom Intake

Car Worx trained mechanics can help you decide on the best aftermarket air intake for your vehicle. By increasing the amount of air available to your engine you can increase both the power and efficiency of your vehicle. Most manufacturers limit the air intake because of engine noise. There are many different brands, models and solutions for each type of vehicle and for your desired engine performance. Car Worx can help you choose the air intake system that is right for your individual situation at a great price.

Custom Exhaust

Aftermarket custom exhaust can make many changes to the performance, efficiency and appeal of your vehicle. Car Worx can help you decide on the best system for your particular vehicle and the desired results of the custom exhaust system.

Reduce Wheel Well Gaps

To improve the visual appeal of your car or truck, performance suspension, involves lowering the body and reducing wheel well gap.

Performance Off Road

Altering your truck to go through any terrain has long been a tradition and passion for off road enthusiasts in this country. Increasing the trail performance of vehicles fulfills the manliest of ambitions to be able to conquer any road situations. Bigger is better especially when it comes to customizing your prized off road vehicles. If you are looking to create the ultimate rock crawler or mud-stomper, Car Worx, has the experience to fit your vehicle correctly while not breaking the bank to do so.

Lift Kits and Leveling Kits

Installing a suspension lift kit can give your Jeep or truck the ability to conquer any off-road obstacles. Increasing the ride height of your truck will give your vehicle many added abilities. In order to replace existing wheels and tires with larger models, lift kits, enable you to have the extra room to accommodate the changes in wheel and tire size. Lift Kits or Leveling kits are necessary in off-road vehicles to give you a higher ground clearance to avoid anything in your path. Enthusiasts looking to brave steeper ascents can choose aftermarket suspension lifts to go after the steepest inclines. Improved decent capabilities and breakover angles are some other benefits of having the professionals at Car Worx install your custom suspension lift kit and leveling kits.

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