Alcohol Detection Systems

Car Worx is an authorized distributor for Alcohol Detection Systems an MVA authorized Ignition Interlock Service Provider.  We are happy to help you make your time in the Ignition Interlock Program as painless as possible. Car Worx guarantees:

  • Confidential Installation and Maintenance

  • No Appointment necessary

  • Quick and Reliable Service

  • Friendly Instruction

  • Affordable Prices

Car Worx can help you confidentially have an Ignition Interlock Device installed at a time that is sure to fit your schedule. Other providers only offer inconvenient designated hours for installation and maintenance appointments. Car Worx understands you need hours that work for your busy schedule. Our Ignition Interlock installation team is available to you during any Car Worx hours, 6 days a week with no appointment necessary.We welcome walk in customers.

We are here to make your time with the Ignition Interlock Device as painless as possible. We spend time training you on the easiest way to operate the device, helping you schedule the monthly maintenance and advising you on the reporting requirements. Once completed, Car Worx will make sure you have the written proof needed to satisfy the MVA requirements.

Don’t delay getting your IID installed, the clock starts once it’s in. The MVA does not give you credit toward program participation until the device is installed. Once you have completed the program Car Worx will gladly remove the device. Its one service we hope to only provide a customer with once. We hope our customer service during your time with the IID inspires you to try Car Worx for our car audio, tinting, wheels and rims services.

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